What's On Your Bookshelf - Or Should I Say Kindle?

To be honest I never enjoyed reading. In fact, growing up I maybe read a handful of books, those that were absolutely required to pass my university classes. Even today, if I had a choice I would choose audio books or podcasts versus physically reading a book. BUT I did notice one big flaw in my disinterest for reading... I was just reading about the wrong topics. Finding interesting topics I wanted to read about was half the battle, the other half was about finding the right style of writers that would keep my interest throughout the full book.

Friends and coworkers introduced me to a few different authors who really helped me better understand the style of writing I enjoy, and then from there each book or author includes their recommendations. Ultimately, helping you create a wish list of books. Within a year I managed to move from having a bookshelf to buying myself a Kindle. I like having a hard copy of the books I've read but the purchase of a kindle created less barriers to reading, making the action of picking up a book much simpler.

I hope to grow this post and continuously include books I've been reading. Feel free to include your recommendations within the comments below.