Why Repurposing Content Is A Must In 2017

Why wouldn’t you not repurpose your content! You work hard for your content... so you better treat it right (sorry I have Donna Summer stuck in my head). You work hard creating unique and awesome content tailored to your target market. When the content delivers great results what do you do? Usually, we have the tendency to move on to the next content project. The old content is forgotten, left in the basement closet like my sega genesis (I miss those video game days).


What if I told you that your amazing content can be reused, repurposed for another medium or campaign? Let’s go over an example. You’re a marketing consultant speaking at a social media event, and your 60 minute segment is recorded by one of your colleagues. You plan on releasing the content through your popular YouTube channel. The content doesn’t have to end there, you can also;

  • Create a strategy of how and when you can re-deliver the content at a later date, for another campaign.
  • Edit your video into multiple 30 second, 60 second and/or 2 – 5 minute clips of your best moments and most influential segments. These segments can later be tailored to various social media platforms.
  • Create an audio file of your video; that can be added to your podcast, as well as edited into various small focused episodes or segments.

Can Content Be Too Old To Repurpose

I’ve seen great content be repurposed months and years after its original posting. You might think to yourself, “really a year after”. Yes year(s) after, as long as it makes sense and ties in with your overall campaign strategy. The repurposing of content is meant to add value, not to be repetitive or save you time and money (although if done correctly it will do both, while still yielding you a positive ROI).

7 Benefits To Repurposing Content

With many industries changing/evolving on a yearly (even monthly) basis, why not freshen up that old blog post with today’s updates? When googling a topic, I look for articles that are recent. Anything older than 3-5 years is generally ignored, the assumption is that the information won’t be as relevant. So, my suggestion to you is have the content updated/reformatted and submitted through various marketing channels. Some of the benefits to doing so include;

  • Improved reach; your content will be re-shared and distributed through today's mediums to today's audience.
  • New & refreshed content to be posted on today’s popular social media platforms.
  • Improved online presence.
  • Reformatted to fit today’s requirements (maybe use the content to create an infographic).
  • Moving customers along the buying cycle; expanding the content for popular posts, potentially creating a whitepaper for those wanting to learn more.
  • Reduced content creation costs. The cost of creating new high quality content can become costly over time, repurposing allows you to do more with your content. Ultimately, improving its ROI and reducing its costs.
  • You get a second chance! What if the way you delivered your content caused poor results… Try repurposing it via a different medium or in a different manner for improved results.

Your next post, share ...

For your next content strategy or marketing campaign, think about some of those great posts, videos, audio files, images etc... that yielded above average levels of engagement. Is there an opportunity for you to repurpose that content? Bringing it back to life, engaging once again with your target market.

What strategies have worked for you in the past? What are some of the benefits you have experienced by repurposing your content? Share your comments below.