Marketing has always been a passion of mine, understanding how organizations develop strong customer relationships. Today’s marketing environment is constantly evolving, digital marketing has forever changed the way organizations interact with their target market. With the right plan of action embracing such market changes can yield above average returns. But is it really that simple? Unfortunately the quick answer is no... Your customers are faced with many distractions (just think about the many ads you see or hear on your way to work). Ultimately, it is becoming extremely challenging to effectively reach your target audience. I strongly believe that your brand can pierce through the clutter with a great story. Interested in getting to know a little bit about what gets me up in the morning? Check out my story!



The journey is more important than the end result! I always chose projects and career paths based on where it could potentially take me in the future. For example, I started in sales because I knew that whatever I was going to do in the future, it would involve me selling myself to an audience. From there the opportunity to work in a dynamic product management and marketing role came to my attention. Learning how to both successfully source new solutions and bring them to market, while being directly involved in the implementation process, helped me become a better marketing manager. To be honest, working within the field of marketing never really felt like work...

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