Living in Montreal I always dread the harsh winter months, although funny enough it all means nothing once the summer arrives! The night-life, music festivals, culture and food is what helps me get passed those harsh winter months. Not to mention, a little traveling helps, taking a two week vacation during the month of February to escape the 'deep freeze'.

Digital marketing & sales is indeed top of my list of topics when discussing what I'm passionate about. I enjoy discovering new brands and understanding how they can build a relationship with their current and future customers. AND more specifically, doing so through great storytelling.

Some people want to own vineyards, retire at the age of 40, or own the New York Jets... I always thought that an early retirement would suffice, but over the years I've become self aware about what I really enjoy. Meeting people and connecting with various types of individuals is something that keeps me growing & learning, which is one of the reasons why I like experimenting with so many side projects (such as my podcast Montreal Marketeers).

Here Are Some Of My Projects


If you're not sure where to start and are in need of a few influencers to follow, here are a few that could be of interest Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Mitch Joel, who also happen to be the authors of a few of my favorite books. If you're knew to marketing, sales or just simply want to read something refreshing to get you pumped for a change in your current routine, these are some great books. Feel free to contact me with your recommendation, I always have some extra space on my bookshelf or kindle.




Favorite Shows / Mini Series

Like when working with brands I love buying into a good story, and telling that story to anyone that will listen. On the same token I have found myself falling for some great AMC & HBO stories, and their characters. Such shows include Walking Dead, Suits, Entourage, Breaking Bad & many more

Favorite Activities

If you know me than this is no news... Although for those of you who don't, I am extremely competitive. I like winning outside the office as much as I like winning in the office with my marketing successes. Ping pong, squash, soccer, ball hockey, skiing and recently cycling are some of the many activities I partake in!

Favorite Video Games

Besides my early years of partying the term "pulling an all nighter" first started with video games. I hope you see a common thread here, tell me a good story and I will fall for your brand. There are just too many to list, although I will say Borderlands & Sunset Overdrive was probably the games that impressed me the most when taking into consideration the amount of fun I had versus expectations.

Favorite Traveling Destinations

When I look for a destination to travel to, no not vacation (too boring, I like to come back home tired), I look for a place that will allow me to experience a different culture (food, lifestyle, activities) along with beautiful views. Some of my favorite places include; Positano, Barcelona, Turks & Caicos, Maui and more.

Food mhmmmm

I live to eat not eat to live... need I say more.

Favorite Brands

This list is constantly evolving as I find brands/products that better suit my needs. Although for now here are some of my favorite brands; Maui Jim (need polarized sunglasses, the best), Guess jeans is about to be replaced by Scotch & Soda although my favorite pair of jeans is the Guess stretch fit so its still on the list, Ted Baker (great shoes).

I Have A Shopping Problem...

I like shopping, scratch that, I really like finding funky & fun items to wear. Recently I have been into accessorizing everything. This is becoming a problem as color matching sunglasses, watches, belts & shoes can get a little crazy. So in terms of watches I really like two brands in particular, Breil Milano & Locman.